The Structure of Story: Reading List

James Buckhouse
1 min readApr 14, 2022


I recently gave a lecture on The Structure of Story at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design as a part of PRO-7232 Integrative Frameworks for Technology, Environment, and Society II.

Many books and ideas were mentioned during the lecture and discussion. The students asked for a reading list. Here it is! Enjoy.

Story, Robert McKee

Character, Robert McKee

Into the Woods, John Yorke

Serious Noticing, James Wood

How Fiction Works, James Wood

Poetics, Aristotle (with translation and commentary by Stephen Halliwell)

Artificial Intelligence as a Framework for Understanding Intuition, Herbert Simon.

The Wave in the Mind: Talks and Essays on the Writer, the Reader, and the Imagination, Ursula K. Le Guin

The Unanswered Question, Leonard Bernstein

Just Enough Research, Erica Hall

Image, Music, Text, Roland Barthes

Of Grammatology, Jacques Derrida

Writing and Difference, Jacques Derrida

Tell a Four-Word Story, James Buckhouse

The 2300-year-old Secret to Better Design, James Buckhouse



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